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Personal Care Box

Personal Care Box: 1- Always for normal and sensitive skin 50 pieces. 2- Carefree lotion with tea, green and aloe vera for the cleansing and care of the sensitive area, with a gentle balanced formula free of soap 200 ml 3- Fem Fresh Intimate Deodorant Spray with Moisturizing Silk Extract is designed to give you long-lasting freshness and confidence. 4- Disposable razor from Venus for a smooth, skin-safe shave 12 pieces. 5- Beesline soap to lighten and cleanse sensitive areas.
216.00 ر.س.‏

Postpartum body care box

1- Yoko Spa Milk Salt Scrub to smoothen and whiten the body and remove dead skin. 2- Nutriderm soap for lightening and unifying the color of the body. 3- Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is a specialized postpartum skin care oil that helps reduce the severity of red lines, improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, correct skin color and get rid of dryness and scales. 4- Palmer's Cocoa Butter Tightening Postpartum Tummy Lotion 250 ml Its unique formula is specially designed to firm and restore skin to its normal position after pregnancy or weight loss. 5- 100% Natural African Shea Butter is a very high-end natural moisturizer for the entire body that leaves the skin looking taut and youthful, treats stretch marks after childbirth and keeps skin supple and hydrated all the time
234.00 ر.س.‏

Skin Care Box

Skin Care Box: 1- Bioderma Cleansing Gel Foaming Daily Soap-free to cleanse and purify oily and combination skin gently cleanses and purifies, limiting sebum secretions. Prevents clogged pores. Perfectly Preserves Skin - 200ml. 2- Pixi toner is among the beauty products that cannot be dispensed with in skin care steps As it helps remove dirt on the skin, removes makeup residues, fights irritation and redness, and works to close large pores, and plays an important role in moisturizing the skin. 3- Hyaluronic Acid This oil-free treatment penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin to deliver long-lasting moisture. The complexion is perfectly filled with it. 4- QV cream has a great moisturizing effect and is quick to absorb and does not cause a greasy appearance to the skin and does not clog pores and thus does not cause pimples. Suitable for all skin types - free of perfumes, colourants and lanonine.
312.00 ر.س.‏ 289.00 ر.س.‏

Skin Tightening & Anti-Wrinkle Box

1- OZ Natural Face Wash The first lotion to contain vitamin C, E, and hyaluronic acid Thanks to these components of vitamins and acids, it gives the skin brightness, vitality, fullness and youth, rejuvenates it and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. 2- OZ Natural Facial Serum, restores the healthy glow of your skin, as it moisturizes the skin, fills fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates the skin to produce more collagen to make it more elastic and full. 3- The Collagen Beauty Cream from Mason This product helps fight the signs of aging and fine lines as it contains 100% collagen. It moisturizes the skin in an excellent way and provides it with softness and vitality. 4- Jijun hibiscus tea eye gel patches Patches rich in wonderful benefits that give dull and dry skin around the eye water and nutrients and help to tighten and moisturize the area. 5- Beesline freshness mask It rejuvenates the skin, removes the effects of fatigue, deeply moisturizes, tightens the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, reduces the appearance of signs of aging, reduces and smooths expressive wrinkles and tightens the complexion.
315.00 ر.س.‏

Hand and foot care box

Box contents: Eucerin Super Fast Hand Repair Cream. Healthy feet cream for beautiful, healthy feet free of cracks. • The most wonderful nail hardener from Mavala. • Bedmate nail care set. • Bed-spinner for removing dead skin.
235.00 ر.س.‏ 219.00 ر.س.‏

lip care box

68.00 ر.س.‏