Lumen8 Lotion With Chromabright - USA 85 g

PFB Vanish Lumen8 Skin Brightening & Dark Spot Correcting Cream: PFB Vanish Lumen8 Skin Brightening and Dark Spot Correcting Cream 85 gmUse on face, chest, legs and top of hands. Chromabright is a new active ingredient for safe skin brightening.Visibly reverses the appearance of: Dark spots, Age spots Melasma, Pregnancy mask Sun damage, Post-acne scars And is photo-protective, preventing skin damage caused by UV rays
Brand: PFB Vanish
245.00 ر.س.‏
220.00 ر.س.‏


  • Smooth texture blends well with the skin tone
  • Camouflages fine lines, spots and skin imperfections for a rejuvenated look
  • Reduces opacity and revives the natural brightness of the skin


It is used for skin moisturizer that clearly helps to improve the appearance of dark spots, sun damages of the skin, as well as the scars of acne, an active ingredient to brighten the skin safely.
It is used with the product of BFP Vanish + Cromobrite so that one is placed in the morning and the other in the evening which means that the they are not placed at the same time.