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Shea Butter Cream 207 ml

70.00 ر.س.‏ 45.00 ر.س.‏

Indian Healing Clay

Description Health & Beauty "World's Most Powerful Facial" Deep Pore Cleansing! 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay Sun Dried No Fragrances No Additives Facials, acne, bodywraps, clay baths, foot soaks, chilled clay for knee packs and insect bites! Enjoy the benefits of clay in your own home. Beautify & Refresh.
60.00 ر.س.‏ 35.00 ر.س.‏

Moisturising Cream 550 g

Highlights Smoothes and brightens to reveal a more even, balanced skin tone Creamy texture easily absorbs into the skin without leaving any residue Evens out skin tone and renders a youthful glow
160.00 ر.س.‏

Gentle Skin Cleanser Multicolour 4 ounce

Highlights Deep exfoliating scrub, pure, fresh, natural, whitening Unclogs pores and gently removes blackheads Eveals smooth, soft, radiant looking skin
100.00 ر.س.‏

Gentle Skin Cleanser 236 ml

Highlights Perfect for face and body use Gentle formulation is perfect for every day use Features a mild and non-irritating formula
105.00 ر.س.‏

Oily Skin Cleanser 236 ml

Highlights Removes excess oil without drying Ideal for normal to oily skin Helps perfect rinse clean
135.00 ر.س.‏